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Project Implementation

For any new Investor coming in to the country, SAPA would hand hold them in their journey beginning at the intention to invest till project implementation, taking care of their various needs from obtaining approvals from government agencies, providing lobbying and advocacy services with regard to situations where change in regulations are needed , assisting in the identifying of location as well as arranging to deliver the best available human capital, arranging for research and feasibility exercises, advise on corporate financing options and local banking regulations/procedures , public relations and communications and depending the nature of the industry even project management.


Crisis & Reputation Management

Understanding that reputation is the most valuable asset for any organisation, SAPA is geared to assist aAny entity in the this region which has experienced a situation which will need actions to manage their reputation and require crisis management services, which may include negotiations with government officials, staff and even public interest groups, public relations and damage control measures including all forms of communication and providing guidance and support throughout the process till the situation is regularised.

Government Relations

With the situation of more and more regulations and monitoring coming in, towards setting up of ativities in this region, any entity interested in setting up such an operation in this part of the world will require a strongpartner in hand holding them, particularly in obtaining necessary governmental approvals and in allaying fears various interest groups locally. SAPA is geared to handle this activity by staying in constant touch with the client till the project takes off.

Event Management

For any global name to arrange an event in the country, SAPA would be in a position to provide all the event management services including booking of event venues, receiving and assisting all the guests, accommodation and transport, planning their program outside event timings, registration of attendees, conducting the event if such a need exists, arranging meetings with key officials both in the public as well as the corporate sector and providing the necessary public relations and communication services.

Corporate Advisory

We will also provide the full range of services to any corporate house, which require advisory services in fund raising, research on new investment options, mergers and acquisitions and in human capital services inclusive of finding the very best management talent anywhere in the world for a variety of executive postings playing the role of a boutique recruitment and executive search firm